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In the world of business, numbers tell a story. At McFadden Accounting, we ensure that your financial story is one of success and growth.

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Businesses Benefitting from Our Services

Accounting, Tax, or Advisory, these companies benefit from our approach.

Robert McFadden

Accountant – Tax Strategist

Books Untangled, Taxes Minimized.

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Chantel's Bakery

“I would not be on the path I’m on if it wasn’t for McFadden. He has made this journey such a joy.”

Dennis Stanley, client of McFadden Accounting
Dennis Stanley

CEO, Chantel’s Bakery

“I’ve been through several accountants the last few years, and this was my first year with McFadden Accounting. When I first called his number, I was surprised that he himself answered the phone. Throughout the entire tax-filing process, Robert was communicative, organized, and pleasant to deal with, and he got me filed by the deadline. He obviously takes his job very seriously, and the result is great customer service. I’m happy and relieved to say I found a good accountant. Thank you, Robert!”

Picture of Mike Caroleo of Music Supervision
Mike Caroleo

Music Supervisor at Mad Doll Music

“Robert is knowledgeable, kind and patient. He walks you through your options so that you can see the bigger picture and choose your next steps with ease and clarity. For the first time ever, I feel fully supported and like I have a partner in creating and fulfilling my business vision. I’m excited by what’s possible. Thank you, Robert!”

Picture of Anne-Marie Harnett of Harnett Healing
Anne-Marie Harnett

Harnett Healing

Let’s Make It Happen

Robert McFadden

Accountant & Tax Strategist

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