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Robert McFadden

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Robert McFadden

McFadden Accounting – CEO

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What is bookkeeping systems?2022-01-03T22:16:02-05:00

The formal bookkeeping system refers to the recording of the finances of the transactions. It is a very important part and aspect of accounting.

Why do I need a good bookkeeping/accounting records?2022-01-03T22:17:06-05:00

When income and expenses are properly organized, it makes it easier to review financial resources and expenses.

Bookkeeping is important because it allows you to take control of your business’ finances. Bookkeeping paints a clear picture of how you spend money. You can see outstanding invoices owed by you or your customers. You will benefit from paying your bills on time and receiving payment for your products or services on time too.

Is there other important information received from bookkeeping/accounting?2022-01-03T22:18:25-05:00

Bookkeeping is important because it helps with business analysis. It is a tool used by management to analyze business performance.

Bookkeeping gives you information on which business lines are working or not working. This type of analysis allows you to focus on your company’s strengths and improve on its weaknesses.

Will you work with my CPA to file my taxes?2022-01-03T22:20:59-05:00

Yes! I work with CPA firms all over the United States. Either from the standpoint of having your bookkeeping complete for your CPA to file your Taxes or filing your taxes once your CPA is done with your books.

What accounting software do I work with?2022-01-03T22:22:01-05:00

I work with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. I do not work with QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks for Mac, or any other accounting platform that is not QuickBooks.

Am I only Virtual?2022-11-29T08:01:22-05:00

Yes. Technology allows us both to have more comfortable working spaces without having to track across town for appointments. I use Zoom for meetings and Canopy Tax App for document sharing. Bookkeeping Baltimore, MD but serving the entire U.S.

How do I get documents and files to you?2022-01-03T22:25:02-05:00

Canopy Client App is my preferred method of transferring files and documents. You can use Canopy Client App on your desktop or smartphone. I also use Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. I never use snail mail or email as neither is safe or guaranteed.