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Robert McFadden
Accountant & Tax Strategist

We tackle the challenges so you can focus on growth.

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From Accounting and Bookkeeping to Strategic Tax Planning and Advisory, We’ve Got You Covered.

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Wealth and Impact Academy
Durham-Hythe Experience
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Robert McFadden

Accountant – Tax Strategist

Books Untangled, Taxes Minimized.

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From tangled bookkeeping to confusing tax codes, we tackle the challenges so you can focus on growth.

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More than another number, we value our clients and their businesses. Not just our bottom line.

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“The team at McFadden Accounting is fabulous. They helped us get everything together and in good order with their bookkeeping service and business tax solutions. Really happy we found them.”

Kourtney Lawrence

Content Marketer – Operations

Make It Happen

I understand the business’s challenges, and I know that financial complexities can often become overwhelming. But here’s the truth: your business’s financial health is its backbone. At McFadden Accounting, we’re not just about numbers; we’re about futures, dreams, and potentials. Don’t let financial hurdles hold you back. Together, we can streamline your financials, maximize your savings, and set you on a path to unparalleled growth. It’s time to take action. Let’s make your vision a reality. Let’s make it happen.

Robert McFadden

McFadden Accounting, CEO

Robert McFadden
Accountant & Tax Strategist